There is no place like Dubrovnik. Anyone who visits this, often described as ‘the pearl of Adriatic’, would say no different.  The old town’s picturesque red roofs, impressive city walls, numberless museums and limestone paved pedestrian street Stradun tell the story about the city’s ancient history and boundless culture. Cherished and loved by many artists, poets, writers, foodies and celebrities, Dubrovnik is recognized as one of the top European and world holiday destinations. Many remarkable event venues both inside and surrounding the city walls, make Dubrovnik a perfect city for your dream come true holiday or special event.

A visit to Dubrovnik is wanting to come back for more and more.

Old town Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s old town was chosen as the perfect setting for King’s landing and while visiting this Croatia’s gem, you may recognize many sets from the Game of thrones famous scenes.  However, every corner and every street of the old town Dubrovnik tells a story worth learning more about it. The city’s famous history. Its intimidating city walls.  Museums and fascinating monuments.

Konavle region

Let’s uncover together the region’s best hidden gem – the Konavle valley. The Konavle valley is the most southern part of the Dubrovnik region and is famous for spectacular landscapes, delicious local specialties and fine wines, fantastic hiking and activity options as well as some impressive beaches.

Nearby Islands

Sail into the 16th century remarkable Karaka boat and explore the area while breathing in the sea breeze and enjoying the magnificent views.  From cocktail parties to teambuilding activities, the Karaka boat is the idea venue to organize a truly unique sailing experience.

Ston and surrounding area

Wine, oysters, more fine wines…Ston is famous for its medieval walls but without doubt, it is the delicious mussels and oysters that everyone keeps talking about. When in the area, a visit to the nearby Peljesac region is an absolute must – make sure to taste to die for red wines Dingac and Postup.


Besides Dubrovnik, the best known regions of Croatia are Istria, Dalmatia’s capital Split and surroundings and the Zagreb area. Each special and unique in its own way, the mentioned regions offer countless event and group travel possibilities. Great accommodation options, remarkable event venues and different activity ideas are available for you to choose from in every of the mentioned regions. Besides the highlighted areas, we’d love to introduce you to other parts of Croatia such as Lika, Slavonija and other.

Split and Dalmatia

The central Dalmatia with the city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia, is one of the most stunning regions of Croatia. There is much to see and do in the area – we can see why it is growing in popularity so quickly.  Historical sites, cool festivals and entertainment options, fantastic dining and great wines, national park visits – the list is long.


It is a Croatia’s truffles capital. But not only that. You’ll get to enjoy some fantastic culinary experiences. Taste different olive oils and superb wines. Explore the magnificent inland and hilltop towns.


Croatia’s capital has it all – numerous hotels, superb dining options, fantastic entertainment options, museums and festivals…