5 Reasons to Tie a Knot in Dubrovnik

When it comes to the most exclusive and cherry-picked wedding spots, we at the Adriatic Incentives are proud to have rooted our expertise in magnificent Dubrovnik, Croatia’s flagship destination.  Besides the stunning nature and alluring remnants of medieval scenery of this unique town, there are a total of 5 powerful whys to wed in Dubrovnik.

  1. Excellent airline connectivity offering frequent daily point-to-point connections to major European hub airports with options to fly with either legacy or low cost airlines
  2. Renaissance palaces and fortresses such as Lovrijenac Fortress, Sponza and Rector palaces, Revelin Fortress, Orsula Amphitheater and Višnjica.
  3. Adriatic Incentives’ rich experience in organizing small and larger weddings
  4. Captivating cuisine solutions supported by the sister company Modri Pjat
  5. Adriatic Incentives’ close partnership with some of the best luxury accommodation providers, many of whose villas are not found on public booking sites

Bonus: Our sister company Adriatic Partner organizes transfers and excursions, as well as the unforgettable voyage rendezvous on Karaka, a replica of the the XVI. century merchant ship

Internal Resources

Most of the listed whys have to do with our powerful network of professional collaborators in hospitality, most notably our sister companies Adriatic Partner and Modri pjat.

Imagine how seamless it would be to use us and be able to receive the complete preparatory and post event experiences for your wedding attendees, family and friends?

While the first complements your stay with the additional signature experiences such as Island Hopping, Wine and History or Dubrovnik Off Road trips, the latter, being regionally established as the top caterer, delivers captivating cuisine during your wedding reception.

We at Adriatic Incentives are all about creating a perfect blend of services to underpin all that it takes for organizing a timeless wedding.  Together with our sister companies we deliver innovative solutions in catering, tent & exclusive locations rental and exclusive sailing trips.

Reliable Partner

As one of the leading service providers, we encourage you to take the advantage of our expertise of the travel industry and the knowledge of thereabouts in Croatia, particularly in Dubrovnik.  We take pride in our established business relationships and highest standards in event planning.  Our main mission is to make things simpler and hassle-free for your incentive event.  Let us be your support throughout your tailor-made event in Dubrovnik.


Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your incentive trip at + 385 913581888 or info@adriaticincentives.com