Night Event Splendor

Night events by the Adriatic Incentives in Dubrovnik are the epitome of service originality and imagination.  Expose your clients to Dubrovnik, a town that is a glaring manifest of the Renaissance Era and Adriatic Incentives’ home base for organizing incentive evening events that embody both modern lifestyle and rich cultural heritage.

Savoring the sunset while strolling along the majestic stone city walls and hearing the echo of string plucking melodies is truly captivating as it provides a sense of different times marked by swashbuckling and high-seas adventure.

Top Locations

Stunning venues include historical sites such as Lovrijenac and Revelin Fortresses, Sponza and Rector’s Palaces and Orsula Amphiteater.

Based on our experience at the Adriatic Incentives, many partner event organizers appreciate the possibility to use historical landmarks for their venues so as to generate a distinctive event character. How this peculiar setup takes shape depends on a whole series of tailor-made partnerships between us at the Adriatic Incentives and our partner caterers and venue owners, the process during which the mastery of skill, service over-delivery and captivating cuisine comes to play.

Another one of our remarkable evening event setups is on Karaka, the replica of a merchant ship typical for the Renaissance period in Dubrovnik, then known as Ragusa Republic.  We from the Adriatic Incentives are confident that you, as an event co-organizer, will feel a strong sense of accomplishment knowing that all the service elements have been diligently covered.  Besides the immaculate planning and catering, our service magic becomes apparent at the moment when casual wine sipping and chattering starts taking place during the light sea breeze with the magnificent lights shining upon the old stone walls of the medieval fairytale town.

Plan with Confidence

Whichever variant of the customized incentive event you opt for, we will preserve your its unique character, while ensuring that we deliver the originality and quality.  Sit back, supervise the planning process and enjoy the end result: the incentive program you and your team will remember for long.  Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your tailor-made sailing event at + 385 913581888 or