Renaissance Wedding Extravaganza

3 Whys for a Renaissance Wedding Extravaganza

Consider us as your ultimate confidante, the „significant other“ and best kept secret from your wedding guests.  Until you are ready to reveal the ultimate magic and start savouring the moment.

Let us take you on Karaka, a replica of a merchant ship used during the Republic of Ragusa, an aristocratic maritime republic headed by the city of Dubrovnik.   Karaka is our little secret in the Adriatic Incentives, as it helps us create the signature setup that blends the cultural heritage with natural beauty of Dubrovnik.

Karaka helps us bring out the character of the swashbuckling buccaneer type of Renaissance extravaganza as we rely on hands-on expertise in organizing your special day.

We bring you 3 reasons to have your wedding reception on Karaka.

  1. Listening & Taking the Small Steps

We at the Adriatic Incentives listen and take small steps to take you through the planning process, while also saving the time, making it all feel right in the end.  You will find yourself sitting back and relaxing as everything will be taken care of, including the infamous details.  The trick is always in the details, where we take our vision and simultaneously honoring your personal taste, interests, likes and dislikes, so as to preserve your day’s unique character.  In the end, it’s your wedding and it has to be a reflection of you.  

By embarking on Karaka, you ultimately get a feel of preserved authenticity and explore something new & exciting.  

  1. Culinary Craftsmanship

We collaborate closely with our partner brand Modri pjat, one of the most renown professional caterers in Dubrovnik and Croatia that is specialized in organizing avant-garde weddings. 

We are proud to know that our partner brand Modri pjat has cultivated a culture where loyal and devoted staff members use their passion and imagination in delivering creative solutions appropriate to the type of wedding, all while adhering to the highest professional standards in catering business.  We have witnessed how their promise of the ultimate dining experience is based on devotion that goes above and beyond intense training and year-long experience.

  1. Signature Menus

Magnificently crafted menus are yet another piece in the puzzle needed to excite and create lifetime memories.  We do this through a careful research based on direct consultations with you, inclusion of fresh ingredients and delivering the ultimate “visual taste” that has been perfected thorough years while searching for a right balance between the innovation and tradition.   


Reliable Wedding Planner

As one of the leading service providers, we encourage you to take the advantage of our expertise of the travel and catering industries in Croatia, particularly in Dubrovnik.  We take pride in our established business relationships and highest standards in wedding planning.  Our main mission is to make things simpler and hassle-free for your most important day.  Let us be your other partner before the wedding.


Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your Karaka Ship Wedding at + 385 913581888 or